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Manage your health records coding with ease and efficiency!

The latest innovation from medEKS, PROMPT Health Information Management coding software is easy to learn… and easy to use. This intuitive health records coding system un-complicates coding, improves diagnosis and intervention accuracy levels and is more efficient, saving your facility time and money.

With the ever-increasing amount of hospital funding being dependent upon timely and accurate reporting of patient data to CIHI, we understand the importance of quality data. PROMPT will help you to submit accurate and complete data to CIHI in a more timely manner.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve completeness, consistency and accuracy of coded data more efficiently!

PROMPT Features

  • Browser based to ensure easy access from any location within the hospital
  •  Intuitive user friendly single input screen which is customizable to improve usability
  •  Coders only need to handle charts once – coding and QA are completed simultaneously
  •  Sophisticated ICD-10 and CCI code search and selection capabilities
  •  Full range of built in quality assurance edits exceeds CIHI requirements
  •  QA, Statistical and Management reports
  •  Encounter summary information is made available for family and/or referring physicians

PROMPT Benefits

  •  Enhances coding consistency, accuracy and completeness, avoiding errors and omissions
  •  Coders only need to handle visit records once
  •  Comprehensive built-in edits ensure high quality coding results at the time of coding
  •  Frees up time for coders to perform more analytical work
  •  Enables faster CIHI submission turnaround times
  •  Lessens the need for outsourcing
  •  Improves coder productivity and reduces operating costs
  •  Supports strategies to address high attrition rates

ER Module – How it Works

Through the effective use of technology, Prompt relieves Health Information Management (HIM) departments of unnecessary tasks, reduces coding errors or omissions, frees up HIM professionals from mundane tasks and allows them to be more productive. Prompt intuitively guides coders through ED coding and QA functions in less time with greater consistency and completeness of coded data.

Without Prompt Software

With Prompt Software

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