Eric Sparks

Founder, President & CEO

As President and Chief Executive Officer of medEKS Technologies Inc, Eric is committed to setting a clear and strong vision about quality, performance improvement, integrity, financial sustainability and professionalism while continuously supporting the mission of better healthcare.  Eric is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EKS Associates Inc.

With more than 35 years in healthcare, Eric has held a series of leadership positions throughout the spectrum of the hospital industry including over 25 years in health information management, government funding and financial consulting and 10 years in leadership and executive positions in Ontario hospitals.

Eric also provides Physician training in clinical documentation improvement and funding formulas; and Management training in the areas of Finance, Budgeting, Benchmarking, and Government Funding.

Eric is also the Chief Privacy Officer, personally ensuring that the strict guidelines for the safeguarding of personal health information are adhered to.

Ken Sparks

Manager, Administration Services

In his 14 years as Manager of Administration Services, Ken is responsible for the coordination of our Coding and Abstracting Support services, working closely with clients and our HIM coding and abstracting contractor team to ensure medEKS is able to meet or exceed client requirements.  In this role, Ken brings dedication, hard work and a good sense of humour to an often high pressure environment.

Prior to joining medEKS, Ken worked with Xerox and in retail, with his main focus being customer service.  Ken is passionate about making sure our clients receive optimum service and quality work.

Deborah Kennedy

Technical Advisor – PROMPT Software

Deborah serves as the Technical Advisor for the development of the Prompt software since 2014.  In her role, she provides planning, strategy and day to day oversight of the Prompt software development – including liaison with the development team, quality assurance and product demonstration.

Most recently, Deborah has been working on the rollout of the ER module of Prompt and in the development of the Day Surgery and Acute Inpatient modules.

Deborah’s many years of software development experience in healthcare and other industries include involvement in development/programming, quality assurance, project and product management, and software rollouts.  Leveraging her 15+ years in IT, Deborah is passionate about helping HIM professionals transition to higher quality data and efficiency in operations through the use of technology.  She also provides vision and strategy input to better leverage Prompt as an enabler of high quality and more efficient clinical data.

Deborah’s clinical background as a Naturopathic Doctor and PhD healthcare researcher is a significant asset in the development of the Prompt software.