Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide innovative Health Information Management solutions, with integrity in everything we do.”

Our Values

medEKS is a company founded on values.  These values drive our mission, determine our methods and ensure our ability to help our clients achieve what matters most.

Personal Integrity – At medEKS, we are genuine, hard working, self-motivated and ethical. We value honesty, humility, dedication and transparency.

Professional Excellence – At medEKS, we value expertise, experience and continued education.  We strive to be organized, solutions oriented, and invested leaders who use proven methods and tools to ensure continued successful delivery of quality, long-term solutions that equip and empower our colleagues and clients.

Success Together – At medEKS, we value teamwork and adaptability.  We work hard to be listeners and contributors with a focus on partnership and integration.  We are committed to our client relationships so that together we achieve shared successes.

Positive Disposition – At medEKS, we value enthusiasm, creativity and a passionate commitment to the mission of healthcare.  We consider it a privilege to partner with our colleagues and clients to achieve what is most important to them.