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All our workshops are hands-on, instructor led and in-demand content training to suit your financial management skills requirements.  Our offerings are designed to improve financial management problem solving, decision making and critical thinking.

Fiscal resource management and accountability are central issues and of urgent concern to management teams of health care organizations.

medEKS offers a wide range of financial management and budgeting hands-on workshops and courses for health care managers and executives, and medical staff.  While some theory is presented, the focus is upon practical issues surrounding financial and operational challenges.  Our programs are organized to make financial management more user friendly and to reduce the stress around finance issues.

Our practical, on line and in-class workshops and webinars address many issues that face those who are wanting to start, or just starting their management career, as well as established managers and executives. They are designed to help health care leaders at all levels meet the financial management challenges of operating in an ever-changing and financially restrictive environment. 

These skill-enhancing, “learn by doing”, low cost workshops and programs come in a variety of formats and content to address every aspect of financial management and budgeting, for all levels of leadership.

Our offerings include the following workshops:

  • Essential Budget Development Skills – Budget Preparation

This “learn by doing” operating and capital budget preparation workshop deals with all aspects of budget development for your department.

  • Essential Budget Management Skills – Variance Analysis

A central issue and urgent concern to managers and administrators of health care organizations is the area if fiscal resource management and accountability. Read more ….

  • Essential Benchmarking Skills
  • Understanding Financial Statements